November 11, 2020

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Did know that the number cause of house fires are dryer vents? Your dryer vent is more that just the lint collector in your dryer. Dryer vents are connected to the dryer and go through the floor or wall to an exterior wall of your home. Lint builds up in your dryer vent quickly and easily.  As professionals we recommend that you get your dryer vent cleaned at least once every year.Read More
Dusting isn’t the most entertaining task, but it’s something we all have to do from time to time. If, however, you notice that every flat surface in your house is coated in a layer of dust almost immediately after you’ve put away your cleaning supplies, you probably need to have your ducts cleaned. Take a look at both the supply and return vents around your house. Are they visibly dirty and dusty? Carefully remove aRead More
When carpets/rugs have went extended periods of time without deep cleaning, dirt, mold, and allergens collect and live in the crevices. In fact, your dirty carpet can cause poor air quality, long-term respiratory problems, and health issues. Some homes will develop a smell after time (you know what I’m talking about). Most homeowners get used to this smell and ignore it. This would be a good time for a referral to Harris Services :). HomeownersRead More
Outside structure To put it simply, if you are underinsured and you suffer damages for which you have to make a claim, the amount of money you receive will not be sufficient to cover the damages. In other words, if your home would cost $250,000 to re-build, but you insured it for only $150,000, you will only get $150,000 if your home is destroyed from a covered loss. Structural damage When thinking of damages, it’sRead More
Harris Services - Frozen Pipes Can Lead To Disaster - Frozen pipe leaking
It’s that time of year again. As temperature continues to dip threateningly below freezing, many homeowners will be eyeing their pipes apprehensively. Lower temperature means one thing: plenty of frozen pipes.Though they may seem like a minor annoyance, frozen pipes are a serious plumbing problem that should be prevented if possible. A frozen pipe can quickly become a broken and leaky pipe, and can lead to flooding. Additionally, homeowners can run into serious trouble whenRead More

November 9, 2018

Do you have CARPET MOLD???

Like carpet comes in many colors, shapes and sizes, so, too does mold, and our fungal foe thrives off the woven fabric that provides warmth, comfort and a final finish to the room it adorns. Yet it can be difficult to detect carpet mold as it flourishes beneath the surface.  So, what can be done about it? Here’s all you need to know: Signs Odors, specifically of the musty kind, is a number one tell-tale sign that youRead More
Harris Services - Blog - Declutter
Spring is here and you know what that means: It is time to get your home ready for a spring cleaning! We know how overwhelming it can be to manage everything in your house. You are not alone. Decluttering is an important process to do before you begin spring cleaning, it will make things easier thus looking better in the end. There are several decluttering methods you could work with and you should choose the oneRead More
Harris Services - Blog - Rug Cleaning Benefits - Cleaning Products

February 1, 2018

Rug Cleaning Benefits

Are you tired of spending your time cleaning or wasting your hard earned money buying new rugs? Washing rugs at home can be time consuming, regardless if they are outdoor area rugs or modern rugs. Did you know that Harris Services cleaned indoor and outdoor area rugs? While Harris Services takes care of the work, you will have more time to spend with your family, friends or enjoying some downtime. The Harris Services professionals willRead More