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Do you have CARPET MOLD???

Like carpet comes in many colors, shapes and sizes, so, too does mold, and our fungal foe thrives off the woven fabric that provides warmth, comfort and a final finish to the room it adorns. Yet it can be difficult to detect carpet mold as it flourishes beneath the surface.  So, what can be done about it? Here’s all you need to know:



  • Stay synthetic. Organic materials are more prone to mold growth than their man-made counterparts, so choose nylon over wool.
  • High-quality padding. Rubber carpet padding with anti-microbial properties is available at a slightly higher cost – worth every dime in our opinion!
  • Dry wet patches immediately – No matter the size.
  • Ventilation-Keeping on top of the ventilation in the room whilst reducing indoor humidity (between 30-60%) is best practice for keeping mold at bay. High temperatures can also be a contributing factor.
  • Clean carpets. Studies have found that when it comes to carpet mold, dirt may be a bigger contributing factor than moisture. This is for two reasons: 1. Because dirt itself contains mold spores and 2: Dirt is a hygroscopic material, meaning it readily soaks up any available moisture. Keeping your carpets clean, therefore, is not only a must for aesthetic reasons but for the fight against mold, too.

As ever, in all cases, you should call us, a mold remediation expert, that deals with this dangerous growth every day.  We may be able to save your carpet, padding, and subfloor.  In severe cases, we will replace your flooring and subfloor.


Give us a call, 812-824-5055, if you have any signs of mold that may be in your carpet or rugs.  We will quickly get to your property, assess the issue, and form a plan to remediate.  It is important for both of us to act quickly to minimize future mold growth.  You can also visit our website to schedule an appointment.                  www.callharrisservices.com


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