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Dusting isn’t the most entertaining task, but it’s something we all have to do from time to time. If, however, you notice that every flat surface in your house is coated in a layer of dust almost immediately after you’ve put away your cleaning supplies, you probably need to have your ducts cleaned.

Take a look at both the supply and return vents around your house. Are they visibly dirty and dusty? Carefully remove a vent cover and look into the duct-work. Is the metal covered in dust?

If your answer is yes to both questions, call HARRIS SERVICES at:

812.824.5055 for a FREE Estimate from a NADCA-certified air duct cleaning expert.

If your home’s air ducts need to be cleaned, rely on the experts at HARRIS SERVICES to do the job right. There’s a lot around your house that you can safely DIY, but air duct cleaning isn’t on the list.

Professional air duct cleaners use commercial-grade vacuum systems and powered brushes to loosen and remove dirt and debris from your home’s HVAC system and duct-work without worsening the quality of the air inside your home.

Residential vacuum cleaners and cleaning attachments simply aren’t powerful enough to do the job correctly, and a DIYer runs the risk of doing serious damage to the duct-work. Air duct cleaning pros are also trained to spot other problems with an HVAC system that the average homeowner may not know to look for.

Like many other trades in the home improvement industry, air duct cleaning is subject to scams. Be wary of air duct cleaning companies that offer unusually low rates or that promise a super-quick service. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and keep looking.

Your best bet for getting your home clean and back to normal—the right way Is by calling HARRIS SERVICES. A reliable, highly qualified air duct cleaning technician and also a NADCA member company.

Whether you’ve noticed more dust around your house than usual or your HVAC technician found mold in your furnace, HARRIS SERVICES can help. Call (812) 824-5055 TODAY to schedule your FREE Inspection.

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