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The “Why” In Deep Cleaning Your Carpets And Rugs?

When carpets/rugs have went extended periods of time without deep cleaning, dirt, mold, and allergens collect and live in the crevices. In fact, your dirty carpet can cause poor air quality, long-term respiratory problems, and health issues. Some homes will develop a smell after time (you know what I’m talking about). Most homeowners get used to this smell and ignore it. This would be a good time for a referral to Harris Services :).

Homeowners carpets can hold up to four times their actual weight in filth, and maybe even more. While vacuuming your carpets once or twice a week is important, it is not enough. They also need to be professionally cleaned to make sure all the allergens are removed from the carpet fibers.

Your health and the cleanliness of your home is of the utmost importance to us. Refer a friend or schedule us to have your carpets/rugs cleaned today. 812-824-5055 or visit our website to schedule an appointment www.callharrisservices.com

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